Comodo FW Network Security Policy setup

G’day all,

Do you set your Comodo FW Network Security Policy for all your everyday software treat as a Web Browser or Outgoing Only, I just need a clear understanding what I’m doing.

Thank you.

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Bump ???

If it is a trusted application, such as Revo and it needs an internet link for updating or checking for updates, I tell the firewall it is a trusted application. But, most of my applications are listed as custom, btw.

May ask why Custom is it very safe ???

Custom is a policy not predefined.
Most of the ones you see in the attached pic are created by CIS as the signatures are included in my Trusted Vendors List.
Browsers I would use the Browser policy. If any changes are needed, it will become Custom as the new change is applied.

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Thanks for the tip John I was worried about inbound traffic that might show up in the Custom, and I thought Custom is a learning mode when I have my firewall set to safe mode.

Thanks for your great help :-TU :wink:

I usually make updaters of programs Outgoing Only. That’s all they need. Media Players you could give the Browse profile as they usually also can work as a browser.

Thanks for this tip as well EricJH :wink: