COMODO FW Mini Port Error (CIS3.5)

*See Screen Shot
Hmmm this just appeared in the device manager. Is it a bug because CIS (Full Config) is working with no problems.

1&2)Windows Vista HP SP1 32bit
Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200@2.33GHz
3.0GB Ram

3)CIS 3.5 (Full)
Windows Defender

4)I just look at the device manager and its always there.

5)Tried updating driver/removing driver and it wont go away

6)FW: Clean PC
D+: Safe mode

8)Admin and UAC is on

[attachment deleted by admin]

To get rid of it you need to uninstall CIS and reboot. When it still is around then click right on the Miniport driver and uninstall. Reboot when needed.

Also check under Non plug and play devices. Make them visible by going to the menu bar → View → Show hidden devices. When you see other Comodo stuff uninstall it too.

Does this help?