Comodo FW installer contains malware?

I’m installing a fresh Windows 10 system, and for the first time I’m trying the combo Bitdefender Free with Comodo Firewall Free.

Upon running the Comodo FW installer however, Bitdefender reports an infection ‘Gen:Variant.Application.Bundler.Fusioncore.2’ in file fusion.dll created by the Comodo installer.
What is this? What is Comodo FW trying to install alongside the FW?

some antiviruses sees other antivirus as malware very common

This is surely a False Positive from Bitdefender.

You can try using the Offline Instaler for CIS (Click on Customize Installation, uncheck Comodo Antivirus) this will install Comodo Firewall.

To avoid conflicts between both softwares you can add Comodo folder under C:\Program Files into the exception list of Bitdefender, also add Bitdefender folder as an exception at Don’t detect shellcode injections in these applications.

Also make sure Bitdefender is in Comodo’s vendor List and all .exe files from Bitdefender folder are added as trusted in File List.

Bitdefender is not the only one…
I submitted the file to Virustotal and other well known scanners also detect it. Seems to be a mixed bag…

So I’m still wondering what this is.

Comodo Online installers do contain third-party programs. Some AV Vendors will detect installers containing third-party programs, to prevent their users from installing Adware on their computers without their consent.

If you use Comodo Offline Installer you won’t have this problem with Bitdefender, plus the Offline installer is overall more stable and less likely to give you a broken Comodo installation.

The only offer included in Offline Installer are the Comodo DNS Servers which can be oupted out by the user. It is less likely to be detected by any AV solution.

It’s not a big deal, the AV’s are detecting Comodo Online Installer as a PUA/PUP which stands for Potentially Unwanted Application/Potentially Unwanted Program, since it includes the installation offer of third-party programs on its code, it is not Malware.