Comodo FW Installation Behind Wireless Router??

Are there inherent or potential conflicts when installing a (Software Firewall) on my Laptop which connects to the internet through a home wireless Router(which has its own firewall(Hardware Firewall)??
I would like to have a Firewall installed on my Laptop for occasions I’m not protected by my Router Firewall. ie: Taking the Laptop to an internet cafe or connecting to the internet when in a Motel.
Thanks for any input :wink:

No, a software firewall and hardware firewall will not conflict with each other.

Granted, your software firewall won’t be doing much work behind the hardware firewall, but there will be no problems.

Many forum users run both hardware and software firewalls. It just adds another layer of protection. :slight_smile:

Gottcha…thanks HeffeD :slight_smile: