comodo fw install wants me to uninstall comodo internet securities

Hi, I just installed comodo AV with D+ and sandbox, and then I decided it would be a good idea to grab the comodo FW and use in combination with the AV. When I went to install the FW, it told me that I had to uninstall comodo internet security 5.x because it was incompatible software.
That got me wondering if I may have already installed the FW in combination although I’m sure i just downloaded the AV only. The DL link said “Download comodo antivirus”, not “download comodo internet securities” so I was confused to see the FW wanted me to uninstall comodo internet securities.

Why would the FW tell me comodo internet securities was incompatible? Do I have to uninstall everything and install the FW first? If I uninstall what I have now and download the “comodo internet securities” installer, does that include both the AV and the FW?

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No just go to start menu Comodo Add and Remove Components.

Make sure you tick both otherwise if you just tick the firewall it will uninstall the AV