COMODO FW / In use on the side with PC TOOLS Threatfire Av

(R)Yes seems the FW works with vista great. I now pertty secured now with this and PC Tools AV Threatfire wich is outstanding for a free version of AV. With both I m locked down with better then that worthless others out there you know MC**** N**** etc. I seem to be happy and secured from those Malewares I hope. :P0l (:m*) (:m*) (:m*) (:m*) (:m*) (:m*) (:m*) (:m*) (:m*) (:m*) give it 10 stars

Awesome! Glad you’re happy! That makes us happy. Stay secure!

PC Tools ThreatFire along with CFP3 with Defense+'s heuristic engine trully do protect a computer as good as using anti virus -spyware etc. Atleast that’s what I think. I think aslong as you arent a heavy “warez” surfer and don’t go to the “darkside” much you should really be safe. I personally prefer using an Anti Virus though.

You do have an excellent set up.