Comodo FW creates short Screen Blackouts and stuttering.

for a few weeks i noticed strange behavior of my main PC.

first my sound (over HDMI to my AV receiver) suddenly and randomly stopped working.
thought it maybe was the player, but all audio player i have tested behaved the same.
my guess is that for some reason the HDMI connection is interrupted.
this happens quiet often.

after a week later i noticed that i have short (~1 second) screen blackouts.
i can´t force this issue but it happens a few times a day.
the screen goes black than comes back and i see for short period of time the mouse pointer change to the “busy” symbol (sorry i am german i don´t know how to call it).

these screen blackouts happen most of the time when i surf the internet.

also when surfing (but also sometimes when working with other programs) my mouse starts to stutter, and the pointer jumps back to a position it was a second ago.

strange enough videos run flawless, no blackouts, no audio issues.
i am not a big gamer but i bought prey lately, played that for hours with no issues.

i checked the event log, created protocols for possible audio or video errors… nothing was logged.

i thought it maybe is the GPU, replaced it with a GPU from one of my other PC´s.
same results. over the week i have also installed 2 new WHQL driver versions for my nvidia gpu.

then i remembered reading about blackouts and comodo.

the last three days i decided to get to the bottom of this.
first was to remove avira. same result.

then i removed comodo… no issues anymore.

so as far as i can say comodo is the culprit and causes these issues.

win10 64 bit 1607.