Comodo FW asks me to react on Winlogon.exe's attempt to...

…connect to the internet (Parent: Explorer.exe) when I open Firefox or Opera. Which hasn’t happened before. I haven’t altered my system in any way which leaves me wondering why this program suddenly wants access to the internet? If I deny access, I have no access to the internet. When I approve the application, I have access to the internet. Winlogon.exe isn’t among the other “safe stuff” on the Component monitor’s “safe list” either. I tried a non-logic attempt to manage this by adding this application manually to a “Define a new trusted app” and chose the option “ask” instead of block or allow, with no parent, did the same with explorer.exe. So far (for two-three days now) neither explorer.exe or winlogon.exe has prompted me with any message and I have full access to the internet. So it worked out fine. :slight_smile:
Anyone have an idea 1) why winlogon.exe suddenly needs access to the network, and 2) why can I have access to the network when explorer.exe isn’t allowed per default (I know it needed full access to the network before)?

I’ve scanned my system for viruses & trojan and other malware with several excellent online scanners (plus my Avira) and it’s clean.