Comodo FW and Win7 [Resolved]


i used comodo before on vista, and i loved it! i got now win7 and somehow i couldnt get it installed. is there already an new version for win7 64bit?

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You have to install CIS in Vista compatibility mode. Also, make sure you run it in Vista compatibility mode, and set the cfpupdat.exe to also run in Vista compatibility mode.
Please note the Win7 Security Center data format has changed and therefor will not recognize CIS’ firewall or AV.

This does not work for me

On a brand new W7RC1 installation, if I install CIS in Vista compatibility mode (and run as admin) it appears to install ok but after the mandatory reboot, CIS never completely starts (2 instances of cfp in task manager but the blue swirly thing stays going) and none of the other startup items complete either.

If I change all of the applications in the Comodo folder to run in Vista compatibility mode then reboot, W7 bluescreens when CIS tries to start.

If I just instal CIS in run as admin, without the Vista compatibility bit (and also don’t set vista compatibility on the executables), it installs OK and starts OK, but the firewall has errors (as noted by Venom30). Presumably the AVbit is running OK (the virus database claims to be updating OK).

64 bit W7RC1 and latest 64 bit CIS on HP 6735s laptop

Hopefully we will have a W7 compatible CIS soon

One member tried CIS without installing in compatibility mode in Win7. Have you tried that?;msg280800#msg280800
This would be the current CIS RC2.

I am now running CIS 3.9 RC2 on W7RC1 and all seems to be working fine

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