Comodo fw and remote desktop

Thanks for these great firewall.

I noticed a misbehaviour when remote connecting using remote desktop (XP to XP): i can’t see Comodo alerts and so the first times I got stuck with some programs not working until I found connecting with VNC there was a Comodo request to allow/deny the apparently not working applications.

Davide - Italy

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There is a way around this. If you know the ports required and the executable names for a given application, you can make the application monitor rule in advance of running the program. When the program runs, the rule to allow communications already exists - voila! no alerts.

Check your VNC software to see what ports it is expecting to receive incoming requests on and create an inbound application monitor rule and a corresponding network monitor rule. You will need to make a network monitor rule, as there are no inbound rules set by default.

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Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks Ewen for prompt replay.
Yes, I already solved the question. I posted it only to share this with others possibly going to the same (little) problem. I think this is due to video driver stuff and anyway it’s really a minor issue.

good luck and sorry for english language thuggery!!