Comodo FW and Firefox interaction


I have been told that probable setting(s) in Comodo firewall could prevent Firefox to save Privacy settings in Firefox options. As of now, I have been unable to set Firefox to remember history. If that is the case and Comodo may have some influence in the noted condition, could you please provide instructions how to unlock this situation?

I thank you in advance


Would you post a link to the source of this, or post more information, please. I use firefox with CIS and have no problems with history or privacy.

It would probably help if you would post the version numbers of firefox and CIS.

Radaghast, thanks for the reply and looking into this.
Said condition with emphasis on “Probable setting(s) in Comodo firewall” were based on behavior of similar security software (Norton 360 for example) when acting together w/ Firefox. However, the situation has been addressed and as expected (based on use of “Probable” phrase) Comodo had no part in the said condition.


Firefox 3.6.13
Comodo CIS 5.3.176757.1236
Win XP sp3