Comodo FW and 3G mobile net problem

Hello Forum!

I use Comodo FW under Win7 X64. Only the FW, not the FW and Defense +.
I use my PC in a simple cable modem net connection environment, and the FW works correctly.

Sometimes, I use not a cable modem to reach the net, but a 3G mobile net connection via 3g Mobile net stick.
And the Comodo FW can’t work with mobile net. If the Comodo active, I can’t use the net. The connection is live, but no data traffic exist, so I can’t browse the web, send e-mail, FTP, p2p, etc etc.
So, I can do nothing.
With the built-in FW of Win, the mobile net works correctly, no errors.
So, the Comodo FW is the problem, not the mobile net.
But, why?
What settings are wrong? All settings is the default. FW state: safe (or disable, while I use mobile net).


Perhaps it is trying to run software (a connection manager or something like that) off the 3G dongle. This is fairly common for these types of devices. Unless it’s hidden, a new drive/CD in explorer is usually a good indicator. The problem is, if it’s doing that, then CIS will not trust software on the removable device (which is what it is) and this might cause problems. Anyway, check CIS’s event logs for any indication of this (probably the Defense+ log).