Comodo fw 5.9.21, windows 7

It appears that the rules i’ve setup as well as some of the default options are not controlling outward access to the internet. I’ve permanently cleared vendor.h and vendor.n.

For testing I’ve tried preventing all apps from accessing the internet by using “summary tab, stop all traffic”, but traffic still gets through. I also created a global rule to block all tcp/udp in/out, as well as for ip in/out, but it has no effect.

Firefox - set in trusted apps to ask for outward IP, it doesn’t ask
Comodo dragon - had set as a blocked, but wouldn’t block until I rebooted the pc. After the reboot I tried setting it to ask (it didn’t). Once allowed, it couldn’t be reblocked.

Defense plus has nothing to do w/ internet access, right?

I want everything locked down except for the apps I allow, and maybe scvhost to dns. Is it possible?
Am I doing something wrong? Thx


If you’ve chosen the option to ‘Block All’ traffic and you’re still able to make connections, it may suggest a problem with your installation. Have you run More/Diagnostics?

Thx for the reply. Resolved the problem and as expected it was an operator too clever for his own good. Shortly after installing I unchecked the nic binding and forgot about it. Everything is working as expected now that the error has been corrected.

Where is the option to “uncheck the nic binding” please? I’d like to check it on my system.