Comodo FW 3.9 & Alcohol 52 .Exe File

Hi Comodo,

I am not sure what is happening and therefore my reason to post.

I am running Vista Home Prem., SP1, 64-bit on laptop. I downloaded and installed Comodo Firewall 3.9 and use Avira as my AntiVirus.

Here is what has got me confused … I have an external Hard Drive connected to my laptop and I tried to right-click and assess how much space I have left on my hard drive … since I know I Am running out of space.

So Comodo Warned me that “axshlexe64helper.exe” is trying to run. This file is located in “C:\program files (x86)\alcohol soft\alcohol 52\axshlexe64helper.exe”.

Q1: Now I am Puzzled why would Alcohol Soft need to run so I can see how much space I have left on my external HD???

Q2: I dont care which program … if I have not asked it to run is that Safe??? Why would it run?

So, I ran above .exe file thru VirusTotal … only 1 out 40 Antivirus Scanner reported the Alcohol .exe as a Suspicious File … and that was eSafe.

So, Comodo asked me if I am not sure about the program if I want Comodo’s help … send the file to Comodo for a decision. But, there was No URL for me to send it to.

Q3: Hoe do I send the file to Comodo if I want Comodo’s Help!?!?

BTW, what should I do with this Alcohol .exe request … allow it or what … or should I just uninstall the darn Alcohol52?


G! ???