Comodo freezes vista 64 ultimate before login screen

hi everybody
I experience following problem (since feb 22 after database update about 12:30 - several computers affected but some of them were offline so had no chance to autoupdate then).
During boot I can see vista loading screen then mouse pointer but then system seems to halt (however mouse pointer is alive), do reboot (with power button) now boot to the safe mode - ok.
Having fixed some other computers I am 99% sure it is bases.cav file to be replaced by working one.
Then block Comodo service from running after reboot, remove cfp.exe from the run parameter in the registry and reboot. All seems to be ok.
Then autofix Comodo - says it cannot fix itself but it is fake cause after rerun windows Comodo says there is noting to be fixed. Ok.
Then after next run of the system all seems to be damaged again.

This is third time I have this problem so may be there is someone to help me to fix it permanently.

Today I had to repair the vista. Now works

Hi ryzior, welcome to the forums.

Perhaps the following URL will help, it sounds very much like what you’ve described.

    [url=]Solution: CIS Crashes in Windows 7 x64[/url]