comodo freezes system in background when playing

This problem occurs for example with warcraft 3 when i want to connect to an online game.
If I start an application which consums high ressources (like a game) I have a strange problem with comodo. After 5 or 10 screens of this application I have to click on network (gaming). Then the game tries to connect to certain ports. Comodo realizes this and does a connection request in background (which i do not see). This is totaly normal. It also occured with may old sygate pf. But in sygate I was able to use Alt+Tab to get back on windows screen, then was able to see the request of sygate and was able to click on this request (most of time ;-). With sygate I always got back to windows, but because of bugs in sygate, sometimes it wasn’t possible to ckick on the request).
In comodo FP I have the problem, that in some cases I can go back with Alt+Tab, but in other cases comodo freezes my system and I cant go back to windows. Alt+Tab seems to be blocked also. Only Ctrl+Alt+Del seems to work in a strange way (But this is the only way besides turning of the computer). If I cklick Ctrl+Alt+Del, then I get the normal mouse pointer but under the application (game) surface. Last chance is then to click in lower right corner on the for me invisible comodo request and estimate the position of the accept-button and so handel it. This is because applications like games dont allow comodo to show request to the fore. But this cant be the optimal solution.

have you tried to play without firewall??? if yes, it probably CFP is handling too much memory usage and freeze your computer, find more info about windows virtual memory. If you want to configure the CFP properly follow this link

Thanx Sukito for your reply,
but it is no solution of my question. The problem is, that comodo totally blocks the application and also Alt+Tab and does his requests in background.