Comodo freezes PC - gameux.dll blocked thousands of times

The problem started happening today.I have not made any changes or updates.Never received any popup messages about gameux.dll.
“Defense+ Events” shows a line

Modify Key  
HKUS\S-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\Connections 

About 7,000 Blocked Intrusions were recorded in about an hour(?) and it made the PC unusable until it was rebooted. Scanned the PC with multiple cleaner tools but nothing was found.The gameux.dll description says “Games Explorer”.

SHA256: 46224a2b729026feebc3c6a09e69919d477097848db2ca0c2f5b166cdf379660
MD5 2bcba6052374959a30bd7948444dbb79
SHA1 324acb3206ec2d3f454b99de01290e3837e2163d

Any thoughts ?

Probably safe since Games Explorer will try to retrieve metadata, game art, etc and latest version/patch from the internet for games that are GE aware. Still to be sure you should check the file signed by Microsoft.

You could also change settings of Games Explorer to not check for said metadata, game art, etc.