Comodo freezes on loading, can't uninstall, help please!

I have avast av and prevx1 running but I had taken off my sygate firewall when I installed my dsl router. Having had a few trojans, I was told to reinstall a firewall and advised to use Comodo.
But after restart following installation, it freezes, internet doesn’t connect and Prevx1 doesn’t load.
I can’t open or start anything, can’t open comodo to close it, can’t uninstall, even in safe mode. (I am posting from another pc…)
Please, what am I to do now???

I had a similar problem when I tried Prevx1 with Comodo FW already installed. Don’t know what it was, the combo just wouldn’t work for me.

I would suggest disabling both programs in SafeMode and rebooting. Then you can uninstall. For Prevx, it might be sufficient to remove the Startup entry. You can locate that (in SafeMode) by going to Start/Run, typing in “msconfig” (without the quotes); go to Startup tab, and uncheck any for Prevx

While you’re there, uncheck the CPF entry. Apply, Close. Don’t reboot yet.

Go to Start/Run, type “services.msc”. When that opens, find the entry Comodo Application Agent, double-click to edit. Set startup type to Disabled, then Apply, and OK.

Then go to Start/Run, type “devmgmt.msc”. Go to View/Show Hidden Devices. Scroll down the window to Non Plug N Play Drivers, look for entries on Comodo Application Engine, and Comodo Network Engine. Right-click each one and select Disable.

Now you can reboot into Windows. the FW will no longer be running, Prevx won’t be starting. Please temporarily disable/turn off/exit Avast (at least the on-access/real-time module). The reason is, active security software very commonly interferes with the installation and uninstallation of other software (especially other security software).

Now you can uninstall the FW; go to Start/All Programs/Comodo/Firewall/Uninstall. Follow the prompts, reboot when finished. To cause Prevx to run on startup again, go to Start/Run, type “msconfig” go to the startup tab, and recheck prevx’s box. Apply, close, and reboot (you don’t have to go into SafeMode to do this).

In order to use the FW, obviously you will need to reinstall it… :wink: When you do so, temporarily disable all active security applications. I would suggest taking Prevx out of the startup list while you do this (just like we did before). This is because you will have to reboot after the FW install completes; so the first time the FW runs, we don’t want Prevx to interfere. Then you can re-enable Prevx in the startup, and let it identify the FW, so you can allow it.


thank you for helping me out
I’ll try right now, but last times I could not do anything, not even open the start menu.
I’ll post back in a few minutes.

As I suspected, I don’t have the time to do all that before Comodo loads and freezes everything.
What can I do??

I finally managed to boot in safe mode to uninstall the fw.
I basically wanted to install Comodo because I have XP pro SP1, not 2 (because of conflicts with some old software I have and need), so since I am more vulnerable to trojans and stuff, I was advised to put up a firewall even though I have a dsl router.
I would like to reinstall Comodo after disabling avast and prevx1 but I fear I will loose my internet connection with my dsl router… Am I wrong?

For the purposes of installing the firewall, I would suggest taking Avast and Prevx out of the Startup, until the FW is fully up and running. This can be done as I gave instructions before, going to Start/Run/“msconfig”/Startup. If need be, you can do that in SafeMode, as stated before. The reason I suggest this is to make sure you don’t have any conflicts after you install the FW and reboot. Then you can make sure of your connection thru the router, etc. Once the FW is all set, you can reverse your startup changes, and put Avast & Prevx back in by re-checking those boxes.

You should not need to do anything special with the firewall, in order to have a connection, whether with a router or not. However, in some instances, users find it helpful to create a Zone to include their computer(s) and router, and set that Zone as a Trusted Network. You can find out more about that here:,6167.0.html; look at the installation info (there’s a video), and set & forget info. That should help you considerably.