Comodo freezes in Windows 7 (only firewall installed)

For some reason, Comodo Internet Security is freezing my Windows 7 computer. I only have the Firewall component installed. I managed to narrow the problem down to Comodo because when I wipe my hard drive clean and install a new copy of Windows 7, it works perfectly. However, installing Comodo firewall causes me to freeze when the desktop is loading. In order to fix this problem, I have to go into safe mode and uninstall Comodo from there. I have tested many other applications and they all run perfectly without freezing the computer, whether they were installed before or after Comodo. Comodo used to work for me on Windows 7. However, the latest version freezes me. Has anyone else had similar experiences?

Running CIS on W7 without a problem. Check your windows event viewer to see if there are nay entries regarding your issue.


I will do that. Are you running the very latest version of Comodo (as of today)? Also, which version of Windows 7 are you running? I’m not sure if the version makes a difference. Thanks!

As far as I know the various versions of Win 7 make no difference. Can you provide us with screenshots of the firewall logs (Firewall → Common Tasks → View Firewall Events)?

I have reported the same problem and still no response. Something already known?


Please doin’t cross post. Your bug report is in the Format Verified pool. It is now up to the devs to reproduce and prioritize it. It is out of moderator’s hands and it is now up to the Comodo folks.

The devs and QA people are not very talkative. They usually will only respond if they need additional information. That’s how it is. All we can do is wait, and suffer, in silence.

The only thing I have seen in my WIN 7 events logs since I have installed Comodo is a winint log entry that appears at every boot. It’s a warning message about guard64.exe fooling with many system processes. I assume this is Comodo’s self-protection featurers being activated?

Wonder if the poster has some type of access permission issue? Did you every have Norton AV or NIS 2011 installed? Norton is famous for changing registry and file accesses and permissions.

BTW - I am running WIN 7 SP1 x64. However, I installed SP1 immediately after installing WIN 7 and prior to installing Comodo.

The guard64.dll is injected in every process. It helps to have less D+ alerts.

The guard64.dll is injected in every process. It helps to have less D+ alerts.

I wondered why I have less Defense+ alerts with this ver 5.x. This explains it.

Did you disable guard64.dll from loading on boot with your previous version?

If you did not then you are simply looking at the enhancements that came with v5.x.

I never fooled with guardxx.exe in prior versions.

Nice to see Comodo is working on making Defense+ less intrusive. On the other hand, I recently installed the real time protection for Malwarebtyes Anti-Malware. I noticed in Defense+ events that it had blocked a memory access by mbam.exe against cmdagent.exe. It would have been nice to get an alert for that event so I could have added cmdagent.exe to MBAM’s ignore list. The strange thing is mbam.exe is a Comodo trusted file. So I assume what I am seeing here is Comodo protecting itself?

You are hitting the nail on the head. You see the self protection in action. Even trusted files are not allowed to access protected programs in memory. Trusted files are allowed a lot but not this or starting an unknown program.

I had he same freeze problem when I did an update so I went through the safe mode, disable Comodo, and uninstall. Then I downloaded and installed the latest version which worked fine until the June 15 Windows update and it happened again. I tried system restore first but no luck, so I repeated the safe mode procedure. I’ve re-ran the windows update with no problem. I’ve given up on this firewall until I see a fix posted for this problem.

I think it would greatly help if posters give all information about all other security software they have installed. System freezes at especially boot time with Condo installed strongly points to conflicts with other installed security software. If proper exclusions are not entered iin some security software, the result could very well be a system lockup at boot time.

I would like to add they temporarily disable them to see if that helps or not.

Also left overs of previously installed security programs may be in the way. Uninstallers don’t always do a complete job and may sometimes leave drivers or services behind which in return could cause vague performance related problems.

Try using removal tools for those programs. Here is a list of removal tools for common av programs: .

Otherwise do a Google search with terms “removal tool” and * name of product or vendor*.

Maybe this thread is jinxed?

I booted into WIN 7 x64 this morning and I froze right after the desktop icons appeared! Had to shutdown via the power button and rebooted back into normal mode. PC rebooted fine.

Examination of the WIN 7 event logs points to the hang up occuring in the WIN 7 search service. What was interesting was I also saw a log entry for the same attempting a connection. Don’t know if that is normal behavior for that search service or not.

Anyone know any good PC exorists? >:-D

[Edit] Perhaps there is an issue with this last batch of WIN 7 updates that occured a couple of days ago?


[Edit] Perhaps there is an issue with this last batch of WIN 7 updates that occured a couple of days ago?
Since you are asking the question..... why uninstall them and see? :-X