comodo freezes [Closed]

sorry for the delay, I’ve got the following answer:

Thank you for your interest.
Our developers says there are no issues installing to drive letters other than c:
Should have any queries do not hesitate to write to us.

ticket is closed

Okay, so now we have the official answer to the “drive other than c” question. Back to square 1…

pan, are you still experiencing the same issue as you originally posted? Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t?

You noted originally that you had an error message with video card; have you resolved that issue?


unfortunately my hardware was damaged a month ago, so I had to buy a completely new PC.
The old one never worked properly and I could not solve any issue reported here, but now it seems ok.

Okay, thanks. I will mark the thread as closed, then, since it’s no longer an issue. If it becomes an issue, just PM a Moderator (please include a link back here) and we will reopen the thread.