comodo freezes [Closed]

Hi guys!
I have a fresh XP SP2 Pro install, with avast, firefox, ie7 and only the usual things.
There is and old XP installation also on this hardware. This old installation had been infected and slowed down, but works without problems also with CPF and avast.
But on the new partition comodo refuses to do anything. I installed it more times, removed also several times, and sometimes it starts to work, but just now it is frozen. It means I cannot start/stop it, I cannot switch on/off any feature it has, even I cannot change any settings (or it has no real effect). It displays the message “reinstall may help”, but I have tried it more times, without success. The logs are empty. I don’t know if it protects the host, but maybe the actual configuration is active - yes, I’m not sure. The monitors are off - by the GUI.
(Just remember, the same software works on the old XP).
Is this related to the fact that SystemRoot is not on c:, isn’t it?
There is a problem reported with the latest nforce 3 network driver, so maybe this problem is related to the device driver, I don’t know. I did have some problems with installing the network driver - but it seems ok now.

So please help me to be able to use CPF again.

Hi Pan.

I’m not entirely sure I follow you here, so would you provide a little more information please. You say you have two installations of XP on your PC, could you tell us where they are installed?

The ‘root’ of drive C:\ is where all Windows based installations of MS operating systems place their system files. They are:

ntldr - the NT Boot loader - Hardware detection
Boot.ini - Defines the location of the NT boot files i.e. points to where the ‘Windows’ folder is (assuming you haven’t changed the name of this folder)

You also mentioned that your system had been ‘infected’; what was the cause of the infection and is it completely fixed?



I have two harddisks, and a lot of partitions. Of course, the old XP installed on c:, on the first disk. The second XP is installed onto the second disk and windows automatically gave him a drive letter: n:.
So ntldr and all the boot files (boot.ini, are located on the first disk, but SystemRoot is c: for the old installation and n: for the new one (the system root disk is defined in boot.ini, like this: multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(1)partition(2) or similar).
The infection was something named Virtumonde and was removed using a linux rescue boot disk (Trinity rescue kit). I think it is completely removed.

Strange, just now comodo works, but I don’t know what will happen next time.

I seem to recall that CFP resists running on a drive other than c:\

However, I could be wrong.

Are you booting to this n:\ drive, or to c:\ ?

If you have a complete OS on n:\ will you do the following?

While running the OS on n:, go to start/run, type “devmgmt.msc”
Go to View/Show Hidden Devices, then scroll to NonPlugNPlay Drivers. Look for Comodo Application Agent, Comodo Network Agent. If they are not both there and in good working order, that is part of the problem.



If ‘multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(1)partition(2)’ is in the ‘Default’ section of your boot.ini file, then you are using the installation of Windows on the second partition of the second disk.

If your not using the installation on the C: drive, you might want to remove it (assuming it still exists) and reinstall the OS in that location.

Unfortunately, you will find that quite a few applications don’t behave correctly when Windows is not installed in C:\Windows…


Well, believe it or not, I think you’re right this time. And it caused that disabled monitors deal. (Hey look! Pan’s in this one too! :D). At least that’s what I’ve gathered from other users with the common base. But I’ve also seen a user reported it was installed on a different drive letter without such related issues. I just can’t seem to find those threads…

To be clear:
sometimes it works without problem, sometimes not - using the same operating system. So It can run on N:\ without problems, but just now it is frozen. (On C:\ it works every time). So the GUI is completely locked, monitors are off.

(Little Mac)
The two hidden devices Comodo Application Agent, Comodo Network Agent are there and seem ok - I don’t know anything about the order.

It can be also related to the bug I reported: Comodo recognizes n:\ as c:0\ (in app monitor control), in component monitor it is ok.

For the peeps who don’t know, this is the bug discovered by pan:,7118.0.html


Will you file a ticket with Support, to see if they can confirm whether or not CFP will work properly when not installed on c:\ ?

I am almost 100% certain that I have read that in the forums, but I cannot find it now. Perhaps “Search Maestro” soyabeaner can, but I haven’t had luck. And apparently my personal memory leaks are getting worse as I age. But I’m sure I remember that…


thanks to soyabeaner for the link
I have sent a ticket to the support team, I will here inform you about the answer

TNX, pan ~ we’ll be waiting to hear what they say…


Hi guys,

until now I haven’t got any response.
Maybe it is fixed/documented somewhere, but I have no information about it.

What is the ticket status currently displayed as?

You can log back on to Support and view your existing Ticket. If they have requested any information from you, the ticket will be marked as “Closed” until you respond with the info they need.

If you have provided everything they have asked for, you can post a reply to them there as well, and ask for an update on the status.


I got the only answer from Stewart (staff, technical support):
I have forwarded this issue to our developers, we will get back to you soon.
Posted On: 16 Mar 2007 07:16 PM

And no any other response. The ticket is closed now.

Will you let me know the Ticket #? Then I’ll contact Comodo and see if they can shed some light on the closed ticket.


ticket id is MYY-882432
created on 16 Mar 2007 06:55 PM

thanks for your help

Tnx, pan ~

I’ve sent a request for an update.



Not sure why you see the ticket as closed as the status is ‘On Hold’.


One thing to note: if one replies to a closed ticket at, it will open again. To be placed on hold is something only the Comodo staff can perform.

Were there any new replies to that ticket since then, pan?