Comodo free products question

I was searching for some tutorials on youtube about how to configure cis and saw a post in a video I was watching that made me worry.

Is this true? From what I’ve read it is not but…

How does comodo make money if it’s free?

Well basically it logs everywhere you go and everything on your computer (that’s all data including anything on external drives) and sends all that info back to comodo. They then set up security for large company websites and companies pay because comodo can tell them exactly who is visiting and what sort of person they are, how long they looked at competitor sites etc - valuable ‘customer’ info. It’s essentially spyware without the popups.

Hi could you please send us the link to that youtube movie so we can start actions against it. What he’s ********************************************

thank you,

User: Energonorama

I watched these videos before the guy that produced(mrizos) the video is not bashing CIS

the comment was from a Different user
User: Energonorama

I did like that last sentence…

It's essentially spyware without the popups.
.. Huh? Spyware [i]with[/i] pop-ups? :D

Those who want to protect Comodo against slander, be serious enough to NOT call Energonorama’s “report” with different words:

Serious approach is to ask Energonorama:
What documental proof do you have? Any packet sniffer’s logs, reverse engineering details (etc etc) ? >:-D

But best solution to not be confused by writers like Energonorama is to ask yourself :
What documental proof does Energonorama have provide? Any packet sniffer’s logs, reverse engineering details (etc etc) ? None? “Well, i got it” ;D

Sorry for that, I let myself go a bit to much. I was just remembered with all that softpedia case and I’m not really into a second one.


No need to sorry :slight_smile:

I just wanted to point out that if you use serious approach to “beat” such “writers” like Energonorama chances you win (prove unfoundedness of “writer’s” words) are highest possible. Because facts are involved, not unconfirmed words.

…Besides you always can start abuse opponent later if facts are incomplete or not available :wink: ;D

I wrote on here: Comodo Internet Security 3.5 Review Part 1 - YouTube

“Energonoama has no evidence and therefore cant be trusted. Please ignore him. He is a free program hater. He is the anti-Robin Hood (in a sense). His ideal world would mean that free = pay now or I will spy on you. I would never live in his world. Thank god we are not in that type of world :)”

Combination of “wheres proof” and judging by the cover FTW!!!

I replied my own comment to ask him of proofs.