Comodo free products for Mac and Linux

Hello i have got an Apple Mac Mini OSX 10.6.6 with Snow Leopard and i have got 2 laptops with Linux distros on them,my laptop used to have Windows Vista and i used Comodo products all the time,will Comodo ever release programs for Mac or Linux please ?
thank you.

Comodo AV is there for mac (but in beta state so you will need to wait) and AV for linux will also come quite soon (next year or so).

Valentin N

That is great :-TU. Has it been mentioned for which distro or will this be something that we will have to compile ourself?


I don’t know which Linux distro but it would be if it’s something that we have compile ourself; comodo AV will be there for all Linux OS :slight_smile:

Valentin N

OK OS X Comodo Antivirus is on its way, and what about a complete solution like “Comodo Internet Security for OS X”? Any idea if it will be and when a first beta would be released? Would be great if there will be sometimes such complete solution for OS X too.

no idea :frowning: but I would imagine in a few years.

Compared to windows Mac OS X has good tool to use such as Time machine for backup. Mac doesn’t need any thrid party tools (at least not as many as windows does).

Hope it will be released soon. I want to test it :slight_smile:

Knock yourself out. :wink:

COMODO Antivirus 1.1.194174.99 BETA for MAC OS Released!

OMG thank you!

Hi Guys i like your Firewall

How about doing the same thing For Linux also it’s Cool to Put real time scanner antivirus scanner


what do you think

I merged it. :slight_smile:

i can’t wait to see Linux Product

Plz make that as soon as possible ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

:-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU

MAc does need more and more security tools, as hacking a mac is going wild, and real security tools for MAC OS X are still in a virgin status. Even Apple starts now - but slow - to improve its security for OSX. The myth that OS X is secure is already long only more a myth… So a real OS X Internet and network security solution would be helpful for the fast growing OS X user community.

I meant in general but you’re right about that mac aren’t secured and security tools are therefore needed. I hope CIS will come out soon for mac users especially Comodo firewall since mac, like all others Linux/Unix only have application firewall.

I can say that if you have WOT and if you avoid unknown sites you are pretty secured.

Hi Valentin, yes I have WOT and I avoid unknown sites. Thanks for your kind Answer. OK I see now there is hope at the horizon, at least for a OS X firewall. Allow me please to add that I am getting regularly hacked… Mainly to identify when I lose my rights to modify or update Applications or its files, and then I note too that typing gets slower, and app opening is very delayed. reinstalling OS X to an earlier version and then upgrading again resolves it always. But its a time wasting process. Hacking is a sport here in my place where we have a large local network for gaming and only via that gaming network you get Internet access… Hope real on CIS for OS X and as start a good basic internet/network firewall. I understand it will take time, but I think waiting is worthwhile.

Have you searched for a third-party firewall?

Sure Valentin, I did, but as I use long Comodo for my other Computers (Windows) and I am very happy with Comodo, therefore I would like to stick with Comodo. As simple as that. Why get something you need to learn to trust, if you can get something you trust. So I hope and wait for CIS for MAC OSX. :wink:

I asked so that you could have a better firewall than the application untill Comodo firewall comes out for Mac OS.