Comodo Free -Problem Runnining & Initial Update

Installed Comodo successfully. BUT at first screen after reboot Top Block under System Status (Summary) it says: "The Defense+ is not functioning properly! Please run the diagnostics utility to fix the problem. " I ran the Diagnostic Utility it said everything is OK. BUT System Status still says not functioning. ALSO I tried to run a scan and it says “Update failed. Error code0x80004002. No such interface supported” .
To make matters worse I know I have a virus or at least a Bogus Internet Security has almost taken over my whole computer. Eventually, I had to Repair/Reenstal Windows. But I cannot get Comodo to run the scan. Help.

If I had a virus I would NOT expect to fix it by installing new antivirus etc. protection.

I would expect the virus to repel or damage the new protection before it became active.

Perhaps the virus is still afflicting you.

I think you should focus upon detecting and removing the virus as first priority.