Comodo Free Firewall with antivirus software: possible conflicts?


I have questions about a system (Asus EeePC netbook) with Windows XP Home, Avast Free Antivirus 2015, and Comodo Free Firewall version
I know that Windows XP is not supported anymore by Microsoft, and thus subject to unpatched vulnerabilities exploits, so I’m trying to make the system a little more secure (while being extra careful when using this netbook, e.g. by not reading e-mails). That’s why I have installed the free firewall from Comodo.

I have the impression (not sure) that the Comodo Free Firewall has some features which are normally found in antivirus software. Is this true?
I think I’ve read that this antivirus-similar functions are used just to protect the firewall itself. Is this true?

I am concerned that this antivirus-similar functions could conflict with an installed antivirus, in my case Avast Free Antivirus 2015. I think that this would be strange though, since a firewall should normally be designed to work together with an antivirus (which should be installed on most systems), and the programmers from Comodo should have thought about this.

I read some posts suggesting to configure mutual exclusions between the two programs (but they were old posts from years ago, I think on the Avast forum).
But is this really required? Sounds strange that Comodo Free Firewall would be designed in such a way that it conflicts with an antivirus by default (since an antivirus is installed most of the times).

Should I just leave both programs as they are, or do you suggest to tweak their options?
What do you think about this conflicts issue?


With the Cloud lookup enabled the cloud will tell the firwall a file is viral. I think with firewall only the file will be removed automatically. I use the suite so I can’t tell for 100% certain.

Mutually excluding is typical for having two on access scanners running at the same time: i.e. CIS and another AV/antimalware.

I see various reports of people happily using Avast AV alongside with CPF. I hope one of them will comment.