Comodo free firewall + Windows 8.1 64

I installed Windows 8.1 64 on my notebook.
Previously had W7 64.
With W7 I used an old version of Comodo free firewall that allowed me to configure it so that each process or program that wanted to go inbound or outbound to internet ask for my permission, for that time or forever. That version of Comodo free firewall does not support 8.1 W 64.
Then installed the latest version of Comodo free and I meet with the problem that functionality I had in the old version with W7 not have more or I can not find it.
Is there any way to configure the latest Comodo free firewall to ask me permission to each process or program you want to communicate with internet either inbound or outbound? Thank you very much and sorry for my English.

Set firewall to custom ruleset and go into the advanced settings and global firewall rules and remove the rule that states to allow all outgoing traffic. You may want to take a look at the alert frequency as well, the higher it is the more granular it is.

First thank you very much for the reply.
I install it and set to custom but no ask for permision. OE, KAV, IE did not ask permission like with older version.
I will install again and will try later with remove the rule you said.

Dont’t work, Outlook don’t ask for permission, either KAV and both connect to internet.
Firefox browser did.
I don’t understand what happens