Comodo Free Firewall -- program incompatibility question

Ok, I’m a died-in-the-wool Free Zonealarm user…Win XP Pro 32bit.

In the past I’ve tried the Free Comodo Firewall, and didn’t like the radical complexity of the interface…that was about a year ago. So today I decided to completely uninstall Zonealarm and give Comodo another shot.

However, during the install, a warning dialog popped up, stating that the latest (free) version of Comodo was incompatible with SnoopFree Privacy Shield v1.07 (the latest version as far as I know).

Now why would this program be incompatible with SnoopFree? The only thing SnoopFree does is alert me when ANY program tries to: ‘read my screen’ ‘hook my keyboard’ or "read an unowned window’ ?

It would seem to me that this would be the least of the programs that would be incompatible with Comodo Firewall --free.

Please enlighten me as to why this occurs. Thx in advance.

If I recall things correctly Snoop Free tries to unhook CIS in the kernel. That’s a recipe for BSOD’s.