COMODO Free Firewall - Are Updates Being Installed?


I recently installed COMODO Free Firewall and have been receiving automatic updates. I wanted to check on the frequency of the automatic updates, so I went to Firewall Tasks - Open Advanced Settings - General Settings - Updates.

The “Automatically download program updates” option is checked, but I noticed under this option there is the statement “if checked, program updates will be automatically downloaded. You will still need to choose when to install them.” I thought that the automatic updates would also install the updates.

I searched through all the different program options and the online documentation but cannot find out how to install the updates. So, can someone please tell me how to schedule the installation of automatically downloaded updates, or clarify if the automatically downloaded updates are actually being installed during the download process? I obviously want my program to be running the most up to date version.

Also, if it helps, in the task log, the entry for the update is “Binary Update … Old Build 4591 … New Build 4591”. This has been the entry every day since I installed COMODO Free Firewall.

Thank you very much for your help.

Program updates require user interaction by clicking Accept & Install. It would also be a bad idea to automatic this as Comodo as pushed what I considers PUP & browser changes from bundled installers (which usually means EULA/AUP updates you have to agree too), but that’s to be expected from a free product, they have to make money somehow and you are allowed to modify these bundles at install time.

Hi aim4it,

Thank you very much for the information.

I never get a prompt to Accept and Install the update. It sounds like there may be a problem with my installation. I’m going to submit a ticket to Comodo Technical Support to find out if I should reinstall the program or if there actually have been no updates only checks for them.

Again, I appreciate your input. It points me in the right direction.

Installed Comodo Free Firewall and observing this behaviour under Windows 10.

These entries gives me the impression that this product continues to re-download the currently installed binary file.

This typically wouldn’t have been much of a concern in the past. However, now with Solid-State drives and trying to avoid nonsense drive writes. Then you have Windows mobile phones and tablets and worrying about exceeding data usage.

ISP providers of satellite Internet and now with Eastlink Internet now being capped, and with anyone exceeding its low limit will be paying.

That being said…, would be nice to know exactly what Comodo means by those entries and if Comodo is re-downloading the binary for the currently installed build or not.

The entry in the logs means that it is checking the version installed and compares it to the version of the update server. It is not downloading each time it checks for updates only when there is a newer version. Depending on the settings it will either automatically download or notify the user.

Thank you for the prompt response. With clear complete explanation. :slight_smile: