Comodo Free Antivirus - Windows 10 Compatible?

Anyone know if the free comodo antivirus works with windows 10?


It works fine on my pc but in somebodies pc it has issues.

That thread seemed more geared towards CIS, I was only interested in the free independent antivirus software download compatibility?

I would say no. Since I upgraded to windows 10, Comodo anti-virus pro (licensed version) has been “At Risk”. It says the network firewall is not functioning properly. I tried manually turning the windows firewall off, then back on. Comodo is still “At Risk”. The only positive thing is when I initially encountered this problem, running the Comodo diagnostic found nothing but insisted on rebooting. Reboot just wasted my time. Now when I run the diagnostic, it stills find nothing wrong but it does not insists on a reboot. I guess they missed the announcement that windows 10 was being released.

According to this youtube user, Microsoft apparently decided to block Comodo Internet Security because it contains adware. This is ironic, a company that puts spyware into its operating system blocks a program because it contains adware. Can you say the pot calling the kettle black?

Hi aweir14150,
I didn’t see any evidence showing MS blocking Comodo.
I admit that I didn’t watch the entire video though, because I wasn’t ready for sleep yet. :wink:


Basically the only thing I see is misinformation being spread about the reason the installer is blocked in Windows 10 (false assumptions at best, malice at worst) whereas the installer is blocked for some (apparently it’s not blocked for some) seemingly because of incompatibility reasons… As was the case with Windows 8 when that was released.

Then they showed how to download winrar and do the extraction trick.

I also admit not watching the whole video but rather skimmed it.