Comodo Freaking out

I’ve been running Comodo with my computer ever since I got it, and recently I ran into a rather major problem. It detected “unclassified malware in C:\Users(My user name here)\AppData”

I can’t see the folder at that location, but after I quarantined and deleted the file Comodo refused to let me open any programs, stating that they were all infected, and randomly pops up files that it claims are infected. It also opens internet windows for viagra and “■■■■■.com” I can’t disable anything through task manager because Comodo says that its infected too. I’ve tried restarting but it hasn’t fixed anything. Comodo also continues to detect files if I delete the ones it detected previously.

I’m running Windows 7, fully updated. Any help would be great.

P.S. typing this on another computer. and the complete lockdown on the infected computer means I can’t send any tech data to Comodo for a fix, seeing as every program is infected.

Have you scanned the computer with any other programs? (If so what do they find?)

It would be a good idea to scan the computer with a boot cd. A good option is Dr. Web.

Please let us know what you find.

It won’t let me scan with anything else. It keeps saying that other programs are infected when I attempt to run or install them. When I try scanning with Comodo it keeps coming up as 0 threats detected. It also won’t let me scan in safe mode. Trying the Dr. Web shortly

You could also try scanning with the other programs in safe mode (hopefully they installed correctly), but a boot cd really is the best option.

The virus won’t let Dr. Web scan, so it’s not going to work. Same with installing or running other antivirus programs. I’m pretty much out of ideas here…

The link I sent you to was the file you use to burn a bootable cd. You change your bios so it will load from cd’s before the hard-drive. Here’s the instructions.

Just make sure you burn it on a clean pc. If this doesn’t work there are others, but let me know how it goes.

with such a cd as boot medium, the virus will not know that it is scanned, because virus bits and bytes are not loaded to run. the hard drive will be scanned, while nothing will be booted out of it.