Comodo freaking me out

My PC is not infected yet. i’m using NOD32.
Today I installed COMODO Firewall Pro 2.4.18
& after Restart I noticed a bit slower down in my PC. the refresh rate was also lagging.
When I checked in Task Manager > CPU Usage = 100%

& i confirmed that none Applications are running in Background except COMODO Firewall.
It was using my PC at 100% rate. How can I fix it !

Hi SteeL, welcome to the forums.

Which process is using all the CPU? Check under the Processes tab in the Task Manager.

If its cmdagent.exe, then CFP is probably furiously blocking something that your system is trying to do. Check CFPs Log (Activity tab) to see what is being reported. Otherwise, CFP might be conflicting with some other security software (not NOD32 as far as I know).

FAQ’s link in my sig:

Version 2.4 - cpf.exe and High CPU,6819.0.html,6933.0.html,6943.0.html

Version 2.4 - cmdagent.exe and High CPU,5499.0.html,5972.0.html,6160.0.html

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