Comodo found threat that was cleaned a week ago.

Last month, Comodo found something called in the temporary Internet files for Skype. I quarantined for about a month and finally cleaned it out last week.

Today, Comodo found the same exact thing, but this time it was in the System Volume Information.

My question is…what is it and why does it keep coming back?

There’s no way for us on the forum to tell what it is from a name. It could be a false positive. The only way to know would be to send it to Comodo for analysis, and see what their verdict is for the file.

As to why it has popped up in the System Volume Information, the most likely culprit would probably be System Restore.

I already submitted it via the Quarantined Items section of the virus scanner…but I’ll happily submit it again.

Uhmm…how do I do that, exactly? The virus scanner quarantined it, so do I restore it or…?

…I’m sorry, I’m completely new to this.

If it’s quarantined, you won’t need to worry about it. Subsequent system restore points shouldn’t have that file included, since you have already removed the source file.

Are you on XP then you can follow this Microsoft KB article on how to open System Restore Folders so you can remove it from there.

A virus in system restore is not a threat to you system unless it gets activated by going back to one the system restore point(s) it is in.