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i would like it if the forums were changed to where, when we make a post in a thread, we are returned to the same thread that we posted in instead of being returned to the forum’s main page where all of the threads are listed…

i also don’t like the way that the threads are marked “resolved” and are then closed… i don’t see a need for that and i have never seen any other forums where that is done… i do see that with “support tickets”, with their being “closed”, but this forum is not the same as a “support ticket”…

why not just let the threads run and allow people to post or not post to them… maybe people would like to reply to the threads, but they are marked “resolved”, and closed, and so people cannot then respond to them… besides, in most cases, when the thread is marked “resolved” and closed, the issue is not actually “resolved”, just that someone has posted that they thought that they found a fix that worked for them… that does not mean that the problem is understood or that the solution was found, only that someone tried something that seemed to resolve the problem, for them…


RE. closing threads - this is usually only done once the original issue has been resolved. We’ve found that once an issue has a solution, the subsequent threads tend to stray away from the original topic, making it harder to find the actual solution to the posted topic.

I can’t think of an instance where a thread was closed when someone said “I think it’s fixed”. Where someone reports that a solution doesn’t work for them, we usually re-open the thread and advise them to post details of their issue.

Ewen :slight_smile:

There has always been this option available: Profile > Modify Profile > Look and Layout Preferences > Return to topics after posting by default → Just enable this.

Other than what Ewen posted, this can be considered an annoyance for the topic starter if the issue really is fixed and (s)he constantly receives a notice when the Show new replies to your posts is selected (as an example). Although there may be multiple members with the same issue on the same thread, the primary focus is usually on the topic starter.