Comodo Forum stumbling and fumbling...

Hi all!

Sorry to report that the Comodo Forum is not working at all well. When I click on anyhing and page opens it’s impossible to go from there, back to the former page. Using my ‘Back’ button doesn’t work, clicking in the menu thing at top to choose the former page doesn’t work, page transitions all stall out and won’t complete or won’t go anywhere. It’s simply impossible to navigate the forum and whatever is chosen as next move is brutally slow, if it works at all.

It certainly didn’t use to be this way, didn’t have these problems some months ago.

I’m trying to find answers and get help so that a friend can install the Comodo products on his machine but he’s unable to do so and I’m unable to help him! I didn’t even want to post in this category of the forum but I got fed up with stalling, failure to perform page transitions, failure of back button, no progress etc.

I’m a member of many other forums that I visit daily and none of those cause any of these problems, all of them work just fine. That tells me it’s an internal problem with the Comodo Forum causing all these continual glitches.

No idea where to go from here because the forum just won’t work so that I can effectively use it!

Thanks for listening and I truly hope somebody will fix these errors.

We are all struggling with it. The Comodo network admins are informed. It’s in their hands now…

Thank you, Eric, I appreciate your taking time to reply. You are always so very helpful here and truly a blessing to have you as a member of this forum!

That’s all I needed, to know that it’s an issue that’s being addressed. I’m accustomed to long waits with my miserable dialup connection anyway so I just learn a bit more patience.

Thanks again!

Hi folks, we have identified the issue. The problem was introduced through a release that went live last Thursday. We’ve kicked it back to the dev team to correct. We’re expecting the fix anytime now…


Thanks for the update! Much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Excellent. That’s great news… :slight_smile:

I have not experienced the issues Jimmy is having, the only thing I have noticed with the forum is, if I manually type in the address bar, when the forum page loads, sometimes the green verification secure connection box will not appear even tho the address remains (https). If I reenter the address a few times, it seems to connect properly and display the green ssl stamp. Not sure if this is a browser issue on my end or not.

What browser are you seeing that behavior with? Is it the same with other browsers?

ED, Firefox (27.0.1). I will test this with icedragon and dragon later on today and post up.

Thanks, I’m running FF 27.0.1 as well but can’t seem to recreate. As much info as you can send would be helpful!

EdGQ2, I tooled around with the various browsers over the weekend, so far, this seems to only be an issue with my FF browser. I could not duplicate the issue using Dragon or IceDragon.

Since FF 27.0.1 update, I have been unable to recreate this. I am aware that a tls patch was installed with the 27 update, and possibly, a bug remained that was fixed with the 27.0.1 update.

I will report back if the issue continues.

OK thanks!

Ed, FF is back at it for me today. Example

Today, I typed https forum address into the bar, and I was directed to the site, however no green ssl logo. I opened another tab and retyped the address, and this tab showed the green ssl logo, however once I logged it, the green logo is no longer there. Also, when I attempted to reply in a topic, I was unable to as I was immediately logged out and redirected to the log in screen. Strange… again, this has only happened to me while using FF.

I have been unable to reproduce using Dragon and IceDragon.

Weird indeed, would mind listing the add-ons you are using with FF? I think one of them could be getting in the way…


Sure Ed. I can confirm this behavior on two different systems using different OS’s. I will provide screen shots from one of those machines in this post, and screens from the other machine in a following post.

The Pics are labelled,
1)plug ins
3)forum main board after logging in
4)after clicking on link to go to thread (and being directed to that thread but logged out)

*note. I am aware that privacy dog is not up to date on this machine. It will not update as the other machine did for whatever reason.

[attachment deleted by admin]

By default there is a 60 minute session, after 60 minutes you’ll be logged out. To stop this from happening you’ll have to go the login page (can be found in the menu) and tick the box that says something like never log you out or something like that.

Sanya, I understand. My issue is, If I log into forum index, then immediately click on (any) thread to review or comment, when I am directed to that thread, I am immediately logged out

Oh, I’m sorry for the misunderstanding.