Comodo Forum Stats

Is there any way or does any one know what the stats are for posts. Mine now says Family member… whats the next level and how many posts do you have to make?

If I remember correctly, to level up, the next goal is 100. It’s either “Comodo Loves Me” or “I love Comodo”. You can also cheat by posting a bunch of off-topic things in here if you want.

Shame on you if you do

Boo! :stuck_out_tongue: ;D

ok then its not something i need to do at this rate with the problems ive been having…

but well we could cheat (no)

Oh? What problems?

with the svchost its posted in firewall help some where :smiley:

Hold on - let me scan your profile for your latest posts :THNK

Oh yeah that thing. You can also post an edited sample of your logs during the time you were disconnected. And do that on the other thread, not this one :stuck_out_tongue:

ok :smiley:

im hoping its all sorted now just got 2 wait for the end result :THNK

trouble is im not in when it keeps going down so by the time i get home its gone past… and its no longer viewable in the logs :smiley:

and they get VERY big

So you have no clue what time it might disconnect you with this issue again? It can greatly narrow down the time interval.

i know its due of 2morrow at 1400

i dont get back till 1700

Well, once you export your logs you can do a CTRL + F to search for the time frame. But I’m sure if the issue is with just svchost.exe you’ll be covered with that new net mon rule.

i would like to hope so :smiley: