Comodo Forum Signature Color (I know this is trivial)

Any votes on whether the Comodo Forum’s signature colour needs a refresh?. I admit red is not one of my fav’ colours, but “ouch” - even a notch down or two in toning of the Forum banner (and other highlights like “Please Join our Forums”) would be a welcome relief!

Please do not use CAPS on all leters

:slight_smile: but It’s Comodo’s Radiant Glow LOL

IMHO I think it’s fine…

Just me…


I don’t see it as to bright, this could vary for different systems or even for some people. Some browsers have colour settings also.
Maybe make the forum customisable, so people could set it to their own taste.
If using Win 7, maybe you could try calibrate colour via control panel display to tone down the whole system a bit. Good luck and Kind regards

Edit-Ps. Some monitors have brightness,contrast etc on front panel.

With 280+ views and no takers, I guess it’s just me. Now, how to hot-key a CF monitor profile - umm.

(Sorry about the Caps)