Comodo Forum Security

Please do not carry on with this theme.

Thank you


What theme? I’m just pointing out something that should be taken care of. Why did you also lock my topic? When clearly it is a security issue… Whatever, if you clearly don’t want to read something that should be looked at, that is your problem.

Regardless of your past thread, let’s stick to the issue you’ve reported…

What security issue exists by using HTTP? You’re not posting/passing sensitive material by posting a topic, are you?

Not at all, but why does it say Authentic & Secure when in fact it is not at all. False advertising/information?

I guess he meant the forum isn’t using the https as default access and the comodo ad picture at simple http access causing a user to think: the exchanged data between him and the forum is secured.

Ah, hi jhfire. Maybe the picture is misleading, so if you want to use secure connection - to encrypt data -, just put an S letter after the http protocol text, e.g.:

I don’t know of any user that would assume that.