Comodo forum https problem with Opera browser.

Linux Mint 9 LTS and win XP SP3 32-bit with Opera 10.60.

I have a problem with https of forums.comodo.The problem is that https most of the
time is yellow color and least of the time green color.

When the https is yellow ,the only way to switch it to green color is to mouse hover
over “comodo authentic & secure located” logo located in the lower right corner of
the web page for a few seconds and move the mouse pointer.

The picture of the logo has - but
the linking address has -Sectigo.

I think that when the https is yellow it is because -Sectigo.

The problem is present in opera browser 9.xx and 10.xx versions and it has nothing
to do with ad blocking or custom javascript or custom style sheets and it also
happens in https of

Does anybody else have this problem?

I see that happening as well. Sometimes it even goes gray.

Click left on the padlock and see the comments Opera give. Can you post screenshot(s) of the comments so the Comodo folks here can assess them? I find them a big cryptic.

It’s nothing we can really fix. It all appears to be on Opera’s end. I am pretty sure it is because Opera can’t perform a revocation check(OCSP or CRL) on the certificate, so it fails, thus yellow instead of green.

When it goes grey in Opera on an HTTPS site, it means there is mixed content.

Your thinking behind it turning yellow because of a hyperlink is wrong. Hyperlinks will not break an HTTPS session, whereas scripts, images and objects will.

Hello EricJH.

Information regarding the information properties of the padlock are standard.
Sorry no screen shots maybe later.

Hello Sal Amander.

You are correct regarding https and scripts not being friends because recently i disabled
javascript in opera just to test something and i can recall that the https padlock comodo
forum and where constantly green.

But one thing puzzles me is that there is a direct link -Sectigo inside
the “comodo authentic and secure” triangle in the lower right corner(right click open in
new tab)and when i use https of comodo forum and this http site is
interfering with https extended validation green display turning it to ordinary yellow color.

Thanks for your help EricJh and Sal Amander and please keep the topic open.

It’s not interfering. It’s just a hyperlink. If it were, it would be gray and not yellow.

Yes i know that already,thank you very much for your observation Sal Amander.

I used The W3C CSS Validation Service and to
check for errors on and comodo forum and found these results:

Comodo forum - W3C CSS Validator results for - (CSS level 2.1)
Errors (1) warnings (19) Validated CSS

Comodo forum - Check the markup (HTML, XHTML, …) of Web documents
Error(s) blocking validation Sorry! This document can not be checked. - W3C CSS Validator results for - (CSS level 2.1)
Errors (4) Warnings (5548) Validated CSS - Check the markup (HTML, XHTML, …) of Web documents
Errors found while checking this document as XHTML 1.0 Transitional!
Result: 4 Errors

I checked both web pages for errors today.

Can you Sal Amander look into this or ask someone who is maintaining comodo forum and to fix the errors on both web pages.

These “errors” are NOT going to cause the SSL to downgrade to a “normal” certificate in Opera nor are they hampering functionality of the site. I can report the “errors” the validators found, but since there is no functionality problems, they most likely will not be addressed any time soon.

At least can JavaScript on comodo forum and be looked into.

I am sorry to have bothered you and i apologize if i offended you in any way.

Can you be a little more specific?

I am sorry to have bothered you and i apologize if i offended you in any way.
You have done neither so need to worry. O0

I did experiment with turning off JavaScript in Opera browser just to see how it will
function regarding yellow and green ssl/tls and i found out that https of
and comodo forum are always in green color when JavaScript is turned off.

Right on ,dude. 8)

I can confirm that I see the same behavior. However, looking in the source of the index.php page I do see this in the CSS. This link works in Firefox/SeaMonkey but does not work correctly in Chromium or Opera.

This would definitely cause an issue like you’re seeing.

Excellent find,bravo. :-TU
I will send a bug report to Opera desktop team -Bug report wizard - Opera Software.