Comodo forum ; how to post a new topic


When I was a new member of the Comodo forum, I had difficulties to post a topic.

ZorKas, moderator in the French international forum (thanks again to him) explained me how to do.

I think this may usefull for new members.

To post, it’s necessary to be a logged member of the forum and to click on the button “NEW TOPIC”, but this one is not in all pages. So the difficulty is to know this and to reach to a page where there is this button.

I take the example of a help request about Comodo Firewall.

You start from the “HOME” page of the Comodo Forums (//
In the first page, look at the second category “Security Product & Services”, where the first entry is “Comodo Internet Security - CIS” (use this category even you use free Comodo Firewall only).
Click on this one which open a new page. In this one, there is no button NEW TOPIC.
In this page, look at the entries down the “Child Boards” (the child boards of Security Product & Services).
The second entry is “Help - CIS”. Click on it to access to the page “Help - CIS”. Again, no button NEW TOPIC in this page.
Under Child Boards, click on the “Firewall Help - CIS”.
In the new page, you finally have the button NEW TOPIC (if you are logged).
You can post, clicking on it.

If your language is not English, you can post also in a forum for your own language (French, for instance).
In the HOME page, go down almost as far as the end of the page, where you will find the category “International Comodo Forums”.
Click on the entry leaving the same name.
Under the “Child Board”, find your language (there are in alphabetical order of the english names) and click on it (Francais / French, for instance).
In the new page, you have the button NEW TOPIC.

Enjoy !