Comodo forum and email address hiding [Resolved]

The forums aren’t hiding my email address even when it’s maked to do so in my profile.
My email appears at the bottom of the page (status bar) when I put the mouse over the envelope icon. If I click the icon, the ‘mailto’ command is executed and my email address revealed to the others…

Now I have changed my email to nothing… xxxxx [ at ] :stuck_out_tongue:

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hi Tech,

You can only see the envelope because you are logged in and your on your profile. If you logout or use another profile you cannot see your email address. I’ve tried this to confirm and cannot see your address.

Only you, admins and mods can view the email addresses.


Thanks Mike… I’m glad to know that.
Sorry for the silly question. I’m satisfied :wink:

I was just about to send a PM asking why your e-mail was appearing like that lol ;D

I will go ahead and mark this as resolved.

You’re welcome Tech. And it wasn’t a silly question at all.