Comodo forgets wireless connection upon waking from Sleep Mode in Vista

I find myself no longer using sleep mode in Vista because each time I “awake” it, Comodo forgets my authorization for the wireless connection.
Re-authorizing it each time is not only an annoyance; it doesn’t help. I have to reboot the system in order to reestablish the wireless connection.

Couldn’t find any substantial help on this matter on the forums…help, please?

Something to try. First, set up your wireless connection. Then go to control pane/network and sharing/setup wireless connection. Make sure that your network is the only one shown as “connect automatically” or at least has the highest priority. Mine works fine on Vista Ultimate with CFP At worst, you should only have to disable and reenable the wireless adaptor, not reboot.

I unchecked “Connect to a more preferred network if available”, and that seems to have done the trick.

I take it back; it’s still doing it.
I’ll report this in the bug forum.

Are you using a router? Does it have an IP address when this happens?

Yes, and I believe so.

What kind of router and firmware?

Dynex and whatever their proprietary firmware is.

Rather than rebooting everything, can you cure the problem by:
a) disabling and reenabiling your NIC or
b) rebooting the router only
It would help the developers try to isolate the problem, since I can’t repeat it and haven’t seen other problems with it. Did this configuration work correctly before you installed CFP3? When you say CFP “forgets your authorization”, what actually happens? Red X, yellow triangle, no blue dot, or something else? Any messages from Vista or CFP block log?

I bought a Dynex router when my Linksys one died recently;
the NIC is Linksys, and it wasn’t until after I bought it and installed it I realized that routers & NICs from different companies don’t talk to each other as well.
My connection is now slower on the wireless computer with the Dynex router, but I don’t know if it’s the cause of this particular problem or not.

What happens is CFP3 always declares that “A new network has been found!” every time Vista wakes from Sleep Mode. The last time it happened, I hit “cancel” and the connection reacquired after a few seconds. In the past, the connection would only reacquire if I rebooted.

Next thing to try is to go miscellaneous/settings/general and turn off the “automatically detect new private networks” and see if that helps.

That makes sense; will give it a try & report back.

Has any progress been made on this issue?

I am also getting the new private network detected message upon returning from sleep in Vista. I’ve just been canceling out of that message… By doing this is there a security risk or anything? I don’t mind the inconvenience of it, just want to make sure it’s ok to do .

Thanks (J)