Comodo for Windows 7

Hi Guys/Gals

just wondering if there is a version i can use for Windows 7 Release (build 7600)

thanks in advance

Just download and install, Comodo works fine on Windows 7.

It works fine it’s just not “officially” supported…

great thanks

yeah, been using CIS in Win7 for months now, beta RC and 7600, works like a charm :wink:

Yesterday I purchased Win7 Ultimate as OEM and installed CIS, but unfortunately I face two problems with the CIS:

  1. Very often after starting Windows 7, cfp.exe crashes telling me that there is an error in PopupSyncId 4. ???

  2. After having installed CIS the windows explorer crashes after right clicking on an item.

I’m using Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit, i7 920.

I hope there’ll be an update that solves the problems!?

should have mentioned: little issue now when scrolling some panel (like computer security policy)…very short freeze…
Also, when opening the complete log panel (after clicking in “more”), and then closing, there’s either this message from Windows, see screenshot…(obviously just once) and sometimes a prompt to close CIS.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Windows 7 Settings for CIS.
Intall CIS by following orders.

Before install CIS.
-Do not use Vista Compatibility mode!
-Do not touch any settings for Admin rights.
-Uninstall CIS.
-Delete all of registries are related with CIS.
-Delete CIS folder if it exists.

Installation Process.
1.Turn off UAC
2.Turn off Windows firewall
3.Turn off Windows Defender
5.Right click CIS install file.
6.choose ‘Run as Administrator’.
7.Do not scan your system before you install CIS.
(CIS will ask you about scanning, don’t allow it)
8.When CIS asks you ‘~trust always COMODO~’,check ‘trust always’.
And then keep going.

Visit here and read my replies please.

hey Creasy, thanks for the feedback :wink: …the thing is the issues I mentioned are rather minor and don’t interfere with the functionality of CIS 99 % of the time. Some of the settings mentioned in your post are those I was using when I first started to use CIS in Win7 many months ago, so with less compatible versions of CIS. Anyway I’m not surprised that some of it might still be needed, although it’s not as crucial as before.

I don’t think it’s CIS problem.
Your system has some kind of other problems.
You need to check your system from the bottom.

You can have some problems with same setting for CIS in Windows 7.
Because you might have different softwares in your system.
Some softwares cause problems against other softwares including Windows.
Yes, conflictions.
Also some of unstable hardwares can make same problems.

Do you use a genuine Windows 7 RTM?
Because there are very important differences between geuine Windows 7 and cracked Windows 7.
If you use windows 7 with a ■■■■■, your system is slower than genuine Windows 7 RTM.
And unstable.
Do you know why?

??? what, for this ? no, not worth it. Everything else is working fine.

i did not do any magic things on my win7 ultimate non cracked

just installed CIS out of the box, and it works without any flaws so far.

people isn’t that simple indeed? you got an issue with CIS…then you must be running a cracked Windows 88)