comodo for use with sophos utm

sophos UTM a very good network firewall seems to block all comodo services sophos has published work arounds that are embeded into their UTM that allow many popular programs to work through the utm including norton the chrome browser and apple pruducts just to name a few so maybe you could call them up and work out the same info with them the UTM hands down is one of the best firewall options out their being its in the middle on a dedicated machine its capable of doing so much more it scans all incoming data with a 2 factor antivirus check running comodo on local machines would be a 3 factor check and the UTM is acting more like an ISP type firewall more so then a router in terms of transparency and abilities as it blocks torrents as well royal pain for those that use them but if your looking into pizzagate like me having both of these pruducts work togather is a dream come true

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