Comodo for Linux

There really needs to be a Comodo for Linux. Shouldn’t be that hard either considering that it’s based off of Chromium, which is pretty much Chrome for Linux.

You should be able to run Dragon (with limited functionality) under WINE 1.2.2+

A CIS For Linux is in the near future as reported by Melih

Hope this helps


is this the bootable os for cce? where did Melih say this?

Both! (From what I read)

Let me dig them up…

For the CCE Bootable CD

For Both CCE and CIS for Linux (Unclear if it’s for an Actual Comodo OS)


thanks for the reply

i remember reading these quotes
i thought maybe Melih has said something about them more recently.

Hmmm… Just read the date… and thought for couple seconds, looked at the calendar… Where did the year go?..

The CMS is for Android, and since Android is based on Linux, I think a CIS/CAV/or a CFW isn’t to far ahead.

Slowly but surely :slight_smile:

i know right. the year went very fast.

yea thats true im hoping it will be released soon. a bootable cd for malware cleaning (cce) and data recovery (cb) is really important and much needed