Comodo for Apple computers (macs)?

I used the “search” function & couldn’t find any references to this topic–so my apologies if this question has been asked previously.

QUESTION: Will Comodo work on an Apple Computer? If the answer is no–as I suspect it is–then, →
ARE THERE ANY PLANS for making Comodo products “mac friendly”?
[I [b]hope[/b] so!]


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Sorry, but Comodo’s products don’t work on a Mac - and, as far as I’m aware, there are no plans on making it mac friendly, as of yet.


I have a Mac. I also have a PC, but when we moved to our new house in upstate NY, the only computers which made the trip were the Macs.
Why are there no plans to make Comodo usable on the Mac? The answer? I bet you went with Internet Explorer and locked yourselves into Microsoft’s proprietary technology. The WEB is a powerful globalizing force, yet complacent technology officers still insist on locking themselves into a proprietary Microsoft straight-jacket. I wonder why people take Mr. Gates and Company seriously when they insist that Microsoft is not a monopoly, and that their ownership of the Windows OS plaltforms does not buy them an unfair competitive advantage. The technologies that IE depends on are so embedded into Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 98 SE, Windows XP, Windows Vista (I know, I’ve left out half a scad of smaller server products) that there is no way the IE approach will ever be ported to a non-windows platform. There are any number of technologies that work on IE as well as ALL other browsers, but ONLY linux and Mac and the other Unix based operating systems are goof proof (no blue screens of death, uptimes of months and years), and only customers running Unix based systems can escape the 4 or 6 year cycles of costly upgrades forced on us by our friends at Microsoft. I personally think that Apple is starting to catch up, I read on development blogs that “everyone” is buying a Mac (because Macs run on Unix) and I hope to have the last laugh when companies like Comodo are forced to add a non propriety web product for the rest of the world to use. Oh yeah, hi speed 3D video games have finally been ported to the intel based Mac, so there is no reason for the young of the world to continue to have to purchase WinDoz platforms.

Hmm, and here I thought it was that Macs probably didn’t need a firewall. Does such a thing even exist?

What’s the phrase? “Macs rule, MS drools…” ?? ;D

I’m glad there are other options available, regardless of MS’s monopoly (or lack thereof, whichever…)…


Unfortunately CFP is Windows only. But you could go through the list of OSX FWs at

Ewen :slight_smile: