Comodo for Android

Is there a way to use Comodo for Android to block any calls where the CLID is off? ie when the caller’s number is not displayed?

If not, please consider it.

I believe a wishlist request to block unknown and blocked number calls has been made already.
Yes this would be a great option to add to CMS.

Android Market says the app is incompatible with my Galaxy Tab 8.9. Any idea when it will be supported?

What android version do you have. I believe you need to have 2.3 or so. I don’t own an android device so I don’t know.

Try Downloading and installing from here

I am having the same problem with my Toshiba AT100. I am running Honeycomb 3.1. This seems to be designed for phones more than tablets,so maybe it is compatible with Gingerbread and not Honeycomb? Is there any information on compatibility anywhere?

Btw the address just sends us to the market to download anyway, and that is where the message comes from that I am not compatible.

I have a simular problem aswell with asus trasformer prime running 4.0.3 (ice cream sandwich). Seems like it’s only for phones thus far :(.

as far as i know, the android 3.0 is quite different with android 2.3 and the older ones.
but it seems that will be improved in 4.0.

Indeed… The solution to my problem is probably that a version for android 4.0 of CMS has not been released yet. For those stuck at 3.x CMS may never be released, as tablets and android still don’t have a very large marked share, and new tablets will come with 4.x… Suppose it is good Google finally have managed to release one OS for both phones and tablets, should make the probability of making everyone happy easier :smiley:

I don’t like the ICS stock theme myself.
I have tried it. I am hoping GO Launcher EX. will function under ICS.
Note it will be 4.xx as 4.03 still has issues.

I currently use SPB Shell 3D(read some recomendations for it on a Norwegian hardware forum…), which work well enough for ICS atm. Seems to lack a search function for the apps trough, wich is somewhat annoying…

About the ICS problems I have not noticed much thus far, just a graphical glitches here and there. The only major problem is that some apps don’t seem able to write all the letters (particulary FireFox had some large areas where the letters where simply gone), hoewer as it works in other apps (Opera mobile works fine), i’m not sure if it is ICS or FF…

Somewhat more on topic, I guess hoping for a 4.03 version of CMS was a bit much anyway, as I suppose security stuff like CMS needs to be far more tested then the average application before an update to what seems like a somewhat major change (from android 2.x to 4.x).

(I actually wrote this on my transformer, which is why I don’t have any spell check atm)