Comodo Following System Emergency Recovery

XP Professional - system virused resulting in complete emergency recovery. All data lost system reverted to basic condition at purchase. However, though all comodo files were present, the install informatin was dumped.

To reinstall the only solution is to hit it with a hammer. Go to ‘Run’ and type “Regedit”. The registry edit window pops up. Go through every folder in the tree and look for COMODO. wherever you see it then highlight with left key and then select right key and from the drop menu select ‘Delete’.

Comodo will drop entries in places other progs do not so you have to go through every folder. If you think you have done it then go to the Comodo installer and initiate. If you are asked to uninstall then you missed an entry. Go back to regedit and be more dilligent.

CAUTION. Be sure you are selecting the right files. This is where an error cannot be rectified.