Comodo Firewall's DNS snatching, URL collecting without user's noticing?

** 2010-03-20 14-27-17 Seoul time zone // I’d like to remove this topic but failed, so that I’d like to explain this phenomenon by myself. // Seems like that I set Comodo DNS IP to the 3rd DNS IP in the system and OpenDNS seems like to be powered off for a minute so that Comodo DNS page appeared instead of OpenDNS. I’m still looking for how to get rid of Comodo DNS settings. Any comment will be appreciated. ** Comodo DNS is set by default or not? Thank you //

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Today I realized that Comodo firewall is snatching my URL quory “ㅎ” which is one of the Korean alphabet’s consonants set. The redirected page URL is as follows:

This is my first time to see Comodo was snatching my URL since I installed Comodo in my PC a year ago. Before, OpenDNS was the only one who used to snatch my URLs. I admitted this and have been satisfied.

What happened to comodo today?

The funnier thing is that after a few tries with the result of comodo DNS webpage just like the above URL, without any touching OpenDNS showed up again. I feel like Comodo is kidding me like ghost game.

Before OpenDNS reappeared, all I did were just double clicking Comodo tray icon to check what’s wrong and opening Network connection windows from the control panel. And I realized that something new wa appeared there, named “Internet connection” under “Internet gateway” title, together with normal used-to-be my wireless network connection at the bottom. I just double clicked the new “internet connection” icon and just looked over. And tried “ㅎ” URL again only to have OpenDNS’s greeting page as used to be.

What happened?

Comodo’s DNS servers aren’t enabled by default. You need to select the option to use them in the installer.

To disable them, follow the XP instructions or the Vista instructions.