Comodo Firewall's Builtin AV [Resolved]

I was wondering, is the present antivirus in CPF 3 the same as the upcoming CAVS 3? Eg, same engine etc?
Also are there any known incompatibilities between CPF and peer guardian? Im having some trouble with the virus scan on a newish XP install and Im trying to locate incompatible apps. Thanks.

The malware scanner in Comodo is still new so don’t rely on it. What kind of problem are you having? Whats your current av?

Hey, :slight_smile:
Specifically a BSOD towards the end of the scan when I use the CPF’s AV to check the system. I never had that problem before reinstaling Windows. I reported the BSOD and posted the minidump files here :
Currently I have the ClamAV alongside CAVS2 Beta. Since ClamAV doesn’t have onaccess scanning, i figure there shouldn’t be any problems.
Any ideas?

Disable them and retry? CFP’s AV scanner uses CAVS’s scanner, so it’s like have 2 AV’s running. Not a good idea.

The odd thing was before the reinstall i remember CPF’s AV picking up a couple of nasties that CAVS 2 didnt notice, so I had been thinking the firewall’s AV was superior. :slight_smile: But if they are the same, guess Ill stick with the dedicated AV for protection. Also looking at adding in BOClean. Ok ill disable CAVS, then run a scan using the CPF’s AV. I was concerned about the firewall’s overall preformance really, ie blocking etc. Since it was causing BSODs, I thought this might be suffering. Ill try your suggestion, thanks. (R)

CFP’s current AV scanner is still basic, so you may receive false positives.

I more or less said that Soy. LOL.

Yes, but it helps to reinforce it so that people “get it” (:WIN)


“CFP’s current AV scanner is still basic, so you may receive false positives.”
Keeping that uppermost, but Comodo still kicks a**!! :wink:

Yes Comodo does kick a-----s. But yo still need a good av. I use Avira Premium 8.

I’m really counting on CAVS 3, but I’m open to suggestions. Judging by the forum posts its pretty close between Avast and Avira. Going to give their free/crippled versions a spin, see what they show up on my system. Wish me luck!

I’ll close this topic as resolved. If you want to know about PeerGuardian & CFP, you can open another one. And if the issue returns you can PM an online mod to open the thread.