Comodo firewall

We all users of Comodo free firewall knows that Comodo is the best free firewall software. By how can the best free firewall software have had so many major security leaks & flaws even in the very latest version 6.2? This is something we can’t trust on.

Comodo positively & quickly & urgently needs to fix this security flaws in Comodo free firewall & the firewall in CIS premium free latest version 6.2 with some quick program update.

Moreover Comodo firewall is suspiciously & secretly connecting it’s user’s ip addresses & internet connections to suspicious connections over the internet. Is this the way that Comodo creates trust online? So it’s a big big & very important question can we the millions of users of CIS premium free version & Comodo firewall free version & all other Comodo products could trust Comodo products anymore?

Lastly the proper & complete removal & cleanup capabilities of threats & malwares for the antivirus engine of CIS premium free version & Comodo antivirus free version on windows 8 32/64 bit operating systems needs tremendous amount of development & improvement in reality.

So currently CIS premium 6.2 free version & Comodo firewall & Comodo antivirus free versions are having a large number of major & serious security related bugs & flaws & issues & they needs to be resolved as quickly as possible because they are silently & hiddenly dangerously affecting all the millions users of CIS premium free version & Comodo firewall free version & Comodo antivirus free version user’s worldwide.

I made a basic paragrpah structue and added the needed punctuation to make your text readable. Next time please start sentences with capitals, use commas wisely, end sentences with the proper punctuation mark and use a paragraph structure. The make up of your text was unreadable. Eric

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I lost my breath reading your post.

I hope you don’t mind, but I moved this out of the bug reporting section, as this was not related to any particular reported bug.

Also, I’d like to mention that from what I’ve seen most of the major security vulnerabilities have been fixed. There are still a few remaining, but I believe these should be fixed soon as well.

As for your screenshot about the leaktest results, please see this topic. The leaktest itself is not really meant to be used for the newest version of Comodo Firewall. Due to the way Comodo Firewall works unless you configure Defense+ a certain way the leaktest will erroneously show that your computer is vulnerable, whereas with real malware you are safe.

As for the connections you are seeing, I believe this is likely due to your connection with the Comodo cloud. I could be wrong, but I’m sure others will be able to comment more on the connections.

As for malware removal capabilities, please try using Comodo Cleaning Essentials, which is bundled with CIS.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


The traffic at ports 4447 and 4448 are for Comodo’s Cloud. There is no secret here. CIS uses cloud look up as a corner stone. That is public knowledge. Most security programs these days have a cloud component.

The Comodo Leak Test was made to test a HIPS firewall like v3.x back in the days. It will give false results on mixed sandbox/hips based solution like CIS in post v3 guises. To learn how to properly use CLT with post v3.x variants of CIS please follow Getting Accurate Leak Test Results in Leak Testing/Attacks/Vulnerability Research.